Gray Laboratory Probe Resources

The Gray lab believes in an open-source drug discovery model and we attempt to make all of our published compounds available to the research community.  Making the probe compounds generally available greatly diversifies and amplifies the discoveries that are made.  Click on the compound/target of interest and the datasheet has all the relevant information about the probe including commercial sources.  If no commercial source is listed or if you need to obtain large quantities, please email a request to Jinhua Wang (Jinhua_wang[at] and include your use, mailing address and federal express account number.


We also generate a list of current best-in-class tool inhibitors for kinases (below downloadable pdf file) based on peer review publication and patents. The kinases are listed alphabetically. Their kinase families are shown by background colors. If you have any comments, please email to Jinhua Wang (Jinhua_wang[at]

Download pdf of tool inhibitors